be jealous
  •  jealous, envious of
  • ねた(む),そね(む)

Selected Good Words to Memorize


・(自分よりすぐれていて)ねたましい女 an enviable woman
・彼の人気がねたましかった。 I was envious [jealous] of his popularity.
 The news of his success aroused [((文)) excited] my envy.


嫉妬深しっとぶかい jealous; envious

She was always 「jealous of her sister for her good looks [envious of her sister's good looks].

・嫉妬のあまり妻を殺した。 He killed his wife out of jealousy.

She was consumed with jealousy as she watched the pair of them walking hand in hand through the park.

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